How does it work?

We work in partnership with Local Education Authorities and Flight Training Providers to help administer our scholarship awards and applications for scholarships will be made from within specified schools in your local area, designated by each authority. We can now also accept applications directly from Junior Members of the Scottish Aero Club. See below for details.

Over time and as the scheme expands, we hope to offer more wide ranging scholarship awards, so keep an eye out on this site for details of our scholarships and the areas in which we are currently working. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates. Our twitter account is: @TakeOffTrust.

Currently, we are offering scholarships within the Perth City area and to the Junior Members of the Scottish Aero Club. We will also offer a bursary scheme for students intending to train toward an NPPL.

If you are an authority or other registered organisation wishing to work with us to offer scholarships in your area, please email:

What does the Scholarship provide?

It provides 10 hours of dual flight training with a registered CAA approved training provider in a two seat, single engine light aircraft, with the aim of bringing the student to a standard that will allow one solo flight within those ten hours. Training takes place usually within the summer and Easter school holidays.

What will it do for me?

Flying an aircraft, especially solo, provides tremendous self-confidence and a great sense of achievement, benefiting you in whichever walk of life you choose. The skills involved are directly transferable to other areas. You will have shown how you can digest information and apply learning in a very practical way, as well as demonstrating self-discipline, self-reliance, focus and commitment. You might even develop a passion that will last a lifetime!

How can I apply?

You can apply through your school if we are working in your area. The list of schools that we are currently working with, are given below. You must be aged 16 to 18 years old at the time that the training takes place and have a medical declaration of health certificate signed by your GP. If your school is on the list, you can ask your teacher for further details and an application form for the next round of scholarships.

If you are a Junior Member of the Scottish Aero Club and will be 16 or over on your next birthday and wish to apply for a future scheme, please talk to Bill Davis of the Scottish Microlight Flight Centre in the first instance and he will forward your details. If you would like to join the Scottish Aero club as a Junior Member in order to be eligible for consideration, telephone 01738 550055 to arrange a visit and get more details.

Current schools included in the Scheme:

Perth and Kinross:

St. John’s Academy – Perth

Perth Academy – Perth

Perth Grammer School – Perth

Perth High School – Perth

Blairgowrie High School – Perthshire ( New in 2014! )

The list will be updated as we expand the scheme.

If you have any questions not covered by the above, please email: and we will be happy to answer them for you.